Volunteer Descriptions 

Volunteer Positions

Volunteer positions included:
  • Marshals: will manage the gallery, help with spectator safety and assist players in locating their shots.
  • Match Ambassadors: will staff information desks at the official Match headquarters hotel and the Match Main Entrance at the Club.
  • Practice Range Volunteers: will check players into the range each day, display name signs, etc.
  • Tee Refreshments Volunteers: will transport water, sports drinks, ice and snacks from the clubhouse to coolers located on each tee and will continually check the coolers throughout the day. Tee refreshments volunteers must be comfortable operating a golf cart on the golf course, have a significant understanding of the game of golf and be able to lift 40 lbs.
  • Television Volunteers: assist in the event’s broadcast by spotting shots, scoring the matches, assisting the camera personnel, etc.
  • Volunteer Services Volunteers: will welcome volunteers and check them in for their shifts, distribute volunteer meal vouchers, oversee radio distribution, etc.
  • Access Control Volunteers: will act as greeters welcoming guests at locations around the Club grounds and also check match credentials to ensure that only guests with proper credentials are able to access restricted areas.
  • Scoreboard and Status Board Volunteers:  will work with the Official Scorer in displaying all hole-by-hole scores on the match scoreboard or display the status of the matches on scoreboard-like structures around the golf course. Scores will be transmitted via electronic handheld devices.
  • Standard Bearers: will walk with each match and carry a sign displaying the status of it. This is a great role for juniors and we do hope to utilize volunteers 17 years-of-age and younger for it. Registration for this position will be handled through the SLCC Golf Shop and will not be available online.