Construction began on the "new" Country Club course in 1913. Charles Blair Macdonald, with his engineer Seth Raynor, completed the course in just over a year. Utilizing hole designs from courses in Scotland, England and France, he crafted the routing utilizing the natural rolling terrain to determine the final position of each green. The result is a design that was ranked among the best 100 courses in the country for years. Today, it remains one of the great classic courses of the game, a tribute to the genius of Macdonald and the care with which it has been maintained by generations of the Club's members and our outstanding professional staff.

In the mid-1980s, the decision was made to move from Bermuda to Bent grass fairways. In subsequent renovations and restorations, the most recent in 2009, the Club continued to support this decision. The recent restoration upgraded the grasses on the fairways and greens with the latest technology, designed to provide greater resistance to heat and infestation, with a better playing surface. The results have been outstanding.

Today, when better players are asked about their favorite course in the area, the majority will say St. Louis. Whether it is the history of championship play, the quality of the Macdonald design or the strategy required for each shot, St. Louis will continue to test the mettle of each player who arrives at the first tee looking to match par. As Macdonald once said; "If you have a good sporting course, for heaven's sake don't try to improve it. Your business is not to improve the course but to improve your play!"